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Using VMware & Docker? Read this!

I’m using VMware Workstation (in my case, Workstation 15.5.1) on my Windows 10 computer and I wanted to install Docker. After installing Docker and enabling some Windows features, e.g. Hyper-V, I was able to use it properly. But now, when I try to run a VM in Workstation, the following message is displayed:

This… Read More »

How to set Google Chrome by default on Lubuntu 19.04

Recently I wanted to set Google Chrome by default on my fresh Lubuntu 19.04 VM and despite the presence of the Make Google Chrome as default browser button, it never works: Firefox remains the default browser. I wanted to setup Google Chrome by default without uninstalling Mozilla Firefox as I use both browsers. Open a… Read More »

Preparing the Raspberry Pi to act as a server

As you already know, the Raspberry Pi is a wonderful nano-computer with a lot of features. By default, the Raspbian OS is configured to be used as a desktop computer. But it’s better used like a server! To do that, we need to perform some cleanup (i.e. removing useless packages) and add some additional packages… Read More »

How to bypass Windows 10 session passwords

Last week I had to help someone who had lost their session password under Windows 10 Pro x64, version 1703 released in March 2017 (ID 10204029). We were in the worst of situations for several reasons: The only available account was the one stuck with the lost password. And there was no Administrator account or… Read More »

How to solve the HP printer LAN connection issue

I own a HP Photosmart C5180 printer and sometimes, the LAN connection between the printer and my computer running Windows 7 is broken… even if the printer is switched on and “pingable” on the LAN. Restarting the computer and/or switching off the printer fixes the issue but this is really a pain to do that… Read More »

How to re-enable the F11 Recovery Key for HP computers

About 6 months ago, my sister told me this HP laptop has completely broken. When I got this computer, the HP G62-a57SF, I saw that the hard-drive died. And of course, no backup, nowhere. Plus, the recovery partition was gone 🙁 After buying a new SSD hard-drive for replacing the faulty and downloading all drivers from… Read More »

Setting a static IP on Raspberry Pi on Raspbian 20150505

For setting a static IP for the Raspberry Pi 2 on the latest Raspbian release available at this time (20150505 through NOOBS v1.4.1), the old method modifying the /etc/network/interfaces file isn’t so efficiency as before. In fact, if you modify the /etc/network/interfaces by setting eth0 to static instead of manual (the default setting) your Raspberry Pi will get two IP adresses… Read More »