Using VMware & Docker? Read this!

I’m using VMware Workstation (in my case, Workstation 15.5.1) on my Windows 10 computer and I wanted to install Docker. After installing Docker and enabling some Windows features, e.g. Hyper-V, I was able to use it properly. But now, when I try to run a VM in Workstation, the following message is displayed: This strange… Read More »

Happy New Year ’20!

I just want to wish you a happy new year 2020! 🙂 A new decade was now started and the Dreamcast scene is almost alive, and that’s a pleasure to see that! I’ve not posted so much things here but don’t worry, speaking about my hobbies, I’m working on the coming DreamSDK R3 package, but… Read More »

How to set Google Chrome by default on Lubuntu 19.04

Recently I wanted to set Google Chrome by default on my fresh Lubuntu 19.04 VM and despite the presence of the Make Google Chrome as default browser button, it never works: Firefox remains the default browser. I wanted to setup Google Chrome by default without uninstalling Mozilla Firefox as I use both browsers. Open a… Read More »

DreamSDK R2 was released in March ’19

I totally forgot to post here, but I’ve recently released the DreamSDK R2 package! A lot of improvements and changes are included in this release, like: Full Code::Blocks IDE integration, including debugging on the real hardware, directly from the IDE! DreamSDK Manager was redesigned and improved a lot. A lot of new tools are included… Read More »

Happy New Year ’19!

I just want to wish you a happy new year 2019! 🙂 May the Dreamcast be with you this year!

DreamSDK R1 is released

So after almost 2 months of intensive work, I’m really happy to announce you that my latest project is done: DreamSDK R1 is out. DreamSDK is a modern, ready-to-use environment for the Sega Dreamcast development designed for the Microsoft Windows platform. Main features are: Fast & easy to install: just double-click on the setup file… Read More »

My GitHub account was updated!

As I stated on Twitter, I’ve released all the source codes of all my tools I’ve published through years. Most of them are written in Pascal Object/Delphi, but some of them are written in C/C++. All these tools were originally published almost 15 years ago, so a lot of them will not work on modern… Read More »

Installing DiscJuggler on Windows 10

If the Sega Dreamcast world is familiar to you, you most certainly know the  CDI image format. CDI images are mostly bootable images for the Dreamcast: simply burn the CDI disc image and then put that burned CD-R inside the Dreamcast to see the game booting. CDI images are generated with a tool named Padus DiscJuggler.… Read More »