Apache Maven: How to extract XML node values from the pom.xml (in pure batch!)

By | 8 July 2018

If you are a Java developer you certainly know Apache Maven, which is (more or less) a Make equivalent for the Java world.

Some days ago I needed to automatically extract some values from the pom.xml file to automatize some operations. For example, I wanted to extract the values of the groupId, artifactId and version nodes from a Maven project, i.e. from the pom.xml file.

I finally created a pure Windows batch solution in order to do that, I called this little utility: POM Tool.

Here is the source code of it:

Just copy-paste that source code into a new file and call the file pomtool.cmd.

The usage is pretty simple:

This will give you the value of the artifactId node for the c:\temp\my-maven-project\pom.xml file!

Of course you can include a call to the POM Tool in another batch file, for example:

In that way, the %PROJECT_NAME% variable in your batch will have the output of the POM Tool utility, in that example the content of the description node! 🙂

Don’t hesitate to comments if you have any question! 🙂

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