You are currently on the SiZiOUS personal website, homebrew developer for the 6th generation of video-games consoles but only opened on Sundays! Thank you very much for visiting my website! I hope you found what you were looking for!

Who am I exactly?

So I’m SiZiOUS, formerly known with my full pseudonym form [big_fury]SiZiOUS (which I no longer use, by the way big_fury was my first public nickname), or simply SiZ! (yeah, I’m using a short version for my nickname and I love it!).

I’m 34 and I’m part of the French/Portuguese community living near Paris. After 5 years of studies and obtained my Master MIAGE (which stands for Computer Methods in Applied Business Management) with honors, I became a computer professional, mainly in 3 domains:

  • Project Management (Waterfall & Agile);
  • Business intelligence (BI);
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

I’m part of the IT world since 9 yo! I used so many kind of computers, starting from one of the first laptop computers ever made (powered with a Intel 8086 and MS-DOS 2.11 in U.S. language – for a french little boy, it was so funny!). Then I followed the computer evolution (a decade late): 286SX, 386, 486 DX2, the very first Pentium and finally I got my first real machine for Christmas 2001, powered by an Athlon XP 1800+. I also owned a few exotic things like the Thomson TO8D (an evolution of the TO7 computer, a French computer from the Thomson company), a Macintosh SE 1/40 and probably other stuff that I can’t remember.

Why this website?

Reasons are many various, but they’re very closely linked to the downfall of Sega and especially the (big) failure of their latest console, the Dreamcast.

The beginning

I discovered the Dreamcast Scene around 2002, with a now defunct website called DCEmulation.fr.st. It was specialized in the distribution of emulators written for the Dreamcast (e.g. allowing you to play Genesis games on Dreamcast). That nice website was created by KReVeTTe and was exactly the same concept as DCEmulation.org but in French language.

Unfortunately DCEmulation.fr.st disappeared in late 2002. Then I discovered another great website on the Dreamcast second life, created by oggy: DC-Reload. I learned many things on it:

  • There was much more emulators for that console than I thought;
  • There was huge range of various applications (MP3 and/or Video players, homebrew games, …);
  • And it was possible to easily develop our own programs!

However, this oversupply has one major drawback: it was necessary to burn every programs to a dedicated CD-R, and back in these days, it was very expensive. This was very annoying because many space on disk was wasted (i.e. using only 20MB on the disk where we had 700MB space available!)… Fortunately, solutions to make CD-R with multi-programs were already born and one of them was better to my point of view: DreamInducer.

DreamInducer is a Dreamcast program created by DCGrendel for making compilations with various programs. It was really hard to make such discs directly by hand. Then burnerO, a Windows developer, developed a program for creating DreamInducer discs: Selfboot Inducer. This new proggy introduced a new distribution package format: SBI packages. Unfortunately, creating .SBI packages by hand were difficult…

First program

So in the end, the .SBI package format introduced by burnerO was really great, but was too difficult to use it…

I decided to develop my first program in 2003 to fill this gap: SBI Builder. It was written in Delphi 6, my favorite development language back in time.

I developed other tools for the Dreamcast and I opened my first website: SiZiOUS Download Website, hosted by the DC-France, a major French Dreamcast scene website, died back in 2004.

This is cool! And now?

As you can see, I’m still on the web, for almost 20 years now, still with an original name I was already using in version 5: SiZiOUS :: Serial Koder (by the way this amazing name was found by hieronymous!).

My passion for old stuffs (the Sega Dreamcast in first) is still there, although obviously I have other priorities today.

Wayback Machine

I have the habit to provide a list of my old achievements just to remind me how I’m getting older… Judge for yourself:

Version In Out Comments
V1 15/07/2003 10/03/2004 Here’s my very first website, written in pure HTML using Macromedia Dreamweaver. The host was on the Personal Pages of my old ISP: Orange (formely Wanadoo).
V2 09/04/2004 22/12/2004 My second website was powered by one of the first CMS, PwsPHP, which has disappeared. The host becomes DC-France through erwan. I lost everything in this version, I only recovered the website logo.
V3 22/12/2004 26/08/2005 This was the version 2 but with a new theme. I tried to make a fairly similar theme based on the version 1 but without success. In fact it was very ugly…
V4 26/08/2005 06/11/2006 This was the version 3 of the same website, but with a more appropriate (“clear”) theme. This was the latest version powered with PwsPHP before his disappearance.
V5 06/11/2006 08/03/2014 This version was the first and the last 100% homemade, including the back-end (database, PHP classes …) and the front-end (strict XHTML, CSS…). It was the rise of Mozilla Firefox that why I made a big effort to make the site compliant with standards. Since it was a pure custom development, this site was extremely robust and reliable and served me about 6 years. It’s “based” on the Hitmen design. The hosting was initially made by DC-France until its death then later EmuNova.
V6 08/03/2014 This is the age of Web 2.0 or the 3.0, so gone are the days for the specific development. So I went in WordPress, with a clean and more “clear” before theme. Hosting is now done by DC-Emulation, although my hosting EmuNova is still active (I’m trying to convert it to another use).


During these many years I have met virtually and physically a lot of great people with whom I shared a lot of things around the Dreamcast but not only. I dedicate this section to those people who have a certain impact on my (geek) life!

French people first!

JMD, L@ Cible, dcprogfr, erwan, Manu “mixman” a.k.a. Le Panda, omer93110, oggy, patbier & poche from the AliceDreams team, speud, semicolo, Man-Jimaru, kurdy, edd, hieronymus, Djizeuss, Hachiman, Venom, Rom1 (from the Drill Team), zouzzz, Shendream

… and …

Codex, evilcyril, yoann007, shikigami, lekteur, sakuragi, escargot, SevLila & Jatadhara, Alba Giotto, leo03, sneak78, Boudin Rouge, yngwie, redrum, sekk, cabou, Link83, Manic, cTz, Ti Dragon, Kékidi, Elgaern, The Jedi, Sigfrodi, Yahiko012000… and everyone that I forgot.

Spanish/Portuguese after…

Ron, Kupra, KorteX, LTK, Belavi, josemci, Juan, chui, fox68k, Mekanaizer; then later IllDucci, PacoChan and of course all the staff of Dreamcast.es.

And finally, the worldwide scene!

|darc|, BlackAura, quzar, wraggster, kRYPT_, Fackue/LyingWake, curt_grymala, Max Scharl, KingBuzzo, Marcus, Darksaviour69, Christuserloeser, scherzo, rmedtx, warmtoe, burnerO, DCGrendel, DCDayDreamer, BlueCrab, Phantom, GPF, OneThirty8, Ender … and of course, you!

Special thanks

Thank you very much to:

  • hieronymus for the SiZiOUS logo and the website subtitle (the famous “Serial Koder“!) ;
  • edd & venom for my staff member position in the DreamAgain team;
  • JMD for his kindness;
  • wraggster for my staff member position of the DCEmu.co.uk website;
  • Manu for his Set 5 Dev.Box;
  • Laurent C. for all his rare stuffs;
  • japanese_cake for his kindness and his incredible capabilities;
  • erwan for the DC-France adventure and for the hosting;
  • The Jedi for the hosting on EmuNova after the DC-France death;
  • |darc| for his kindness and for the current hosting.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Steven Howard

    hey sizious i’ve been trying to use your program bootmake to create a cdi with album art for GDEMU, a lil backstory of what i’m trying to accomplish doing this because really would like to see the album art for cdi on gdemu i’ve tried using one of my cdi games as example Fire Pro Wrestling D English Translation cdi game using japanese-cake’s jc-gdrom-explorer-v1.6.2 i can see the content of the game & extract the files from boot track session 1 & 2 then using lazyboot which converted the audio tracks back to CD-DA format with the first sessions the game contenting 46 tracks which is important for the games to run correctly i then got the game art from sega retro edited the image to 256 by 256 then used PVRViewer to make it pvr format renamed it to 0GDTEX.pvr and used IP.BIN 4 Win program to edit the game name in the ip.bin file to just FIre Pro Wrestling because as u know gdemu sd card maker goes by the ip.bin of the games when u use the menu option, then i threw all the game & track files into a new folder used your bootmake program to create a cdi image i then checked the new cdi image using jc-gdrom-explorer and notice that the 46 game track files are not saved to session 1 but sessions 2 & also that the session 1 is only 1 track so bootmake is not saved the game track in the correct placement for the cdi images i’ve tested various other games of my cdi collection either homebrew or retail cdi games with the same result which being games with more game tracks are not copied into the newly made cdi correctly session 1 game files are copied into session 2 tho the bootmake program always copy’s everything into session 2 instead of game track into session 1 & game content files into session 2 respectively so its really a problem of the bootmake program itself can u please make an update to the bootmake program to correct this error/issue i would really appreciate it because i really want to edit my cdi collection to include album art & the correct name of games for use on GDEMU sorry for the long message i just wanted to explain my annoyance with that aspect of your bootmake program in the hope that u can address this problem at your earliest convenience thanks i hope to see from u soon

  2. rafa

    Hola. He estado leyendo todas tus progreso. Y por lo que dices, perdiste paginas webs que habias creado para mostrar al publico tus proezas.
    Has probado en buscar tu web en http://web.archive.org… Se dedican a guardar las web que han ido apareciendo en internet. Claro que solo guardan las que tenian dominio comprado.
    Yo encontre la mia ahi 10 años despues de haberla eliminado.
    Un saludo.


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