DreamSDK R2 was released in March ’19

By | 3 June 2019

I totally forgot to post here, but I’ve recently released the DreamSDK R2 package!

A lot of improvements and changes are included in this release, like:

  • Full Code::Blocks IDE integration, including debugging on the real hardware, directly from the IDE!
  • DreamSDK Manager was redesigned and improved a lot.
  • A lot of new tools are included now, like makedisc, allowing you to create CD releases of your programs.
  • The Help content was improved a lot and it’s now available online (and of course, it’s still available in the package too).
  • A lot of other things that you will find out by yourself!

For those who don’t know what is DreamSDK, it’s a package which contains everything you need to develop for the Sega Dreamcast video game console on Microsoft Windows. This isn’t a ready-to-use high level framework like Unity, it’s a low-level SDK which is based on KallistiOS (KOS). So you’ll need to learn Dreamcast programming with KOS and learn C/C++ programming languages.

Download DreamSDK R2.

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