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How to re-enable the F11 Recovery Key for HP computers

About 6 months ago, my sister told me this HP laptop has completely broken. When I got this computer, the HP G62-a57SF, I saw that the hard-drive died. And of course, no backup, nowhere. Plus, the recovery partition was gone 🙁

After buying a new SSD hard-drive for replacing the faulty and downloading all drivers from the HP website, I faced an interresting challenge: The F11 key launching the recovery process at boot doesn’t work anymore. Is it possible to get this F11 key back working? Short answer: yes! 🙂

First of all, this method was only tested on the HP G62-a57SF running Windows 7, I don’t know if it can work for other than that. Second, there is no way to get the original HP Recovery tool to work again because it’s really a pain to find it online. Nevermind, I’ve just used the great AnarethoS Recovery Tools package instead! This really nice package is designed to create custom recovery partitions like OEM manufacturers!

To get this F11 key working again, just download this package I made and follow the inside instructions. It’s a custom version of the AnarethoS Recovery Tools, so you don’t need to download its original version.

Have fun with your working F11 BIOS key for your HP laptop! 🙂