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DreamSDK R1 is released

So after almost 2 months of intensive work, I’m really happy to announce you that my latest project is done: DreamSDK R1 is out.

DreamSDK is a modern, ready-to-use environment for the Sega Dreamcast development designed for the Microsoft Windows platform.

Main features are:

  • Fast & easy to install: just double-click on the setup file and let the program install & configure everything for you.
  • Ready to use: All the required toolchains (for the SuperH & Yamaha AICA) are already prebuilt and ready-to-use.
  • Lightweight: Thanks to the MinGW/MSYS environment, the space used on the disk is minimal.
  • Configurable & upgradable: With the included DreamSDK Manager tool, manage DreamSDK components really easily.
  • Respectful of the standards: DreamSDK is 100% compliant with the KallistiOS standards and documentation.

This package has a very different approach comparing to the others packages of this kind. The major difference is that KallistiOS is not included: instead it’s downloaded/installed from DreamSDK Manager, which is a tool part of this package. This will keep up-to-date your installation and will allow DreamSDK always be usable, as only the toolchains (SuperH & Yamaha AICA) are included (which don’t changes often). In clear, doing so will give you the possibility to update KallistiOS directly from the DreamSDK environment.

Please also note that I’m using the official KallistiOS repositories (kos and kos-ports) and not my repositories (which contains various fixes on the build systems). The exception is dcload-serial and dcload-ip: I’m using my repositories as official ones will not compile on MinGW/MSYS without my fixes.

DreamSDK was built to be the greatest environment for Sega Dreamcast development on Microsoft Windows. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much I enjoyed to make this package.

Download DreamSDK.

Note: This package contains only free & open source tools and libraries.