Nintendo GameCube Downloads

This section contains some tools for your Nintendo GameCube video-game console, compressed in the .7z format and openable with the free 7-zip archiver. You don’t need to install anything for using them. All the tools are targeted for Microsoft Windows.

N64 Emulator Roms Injector

This simple utility was made to change the ROM inside the Nintendo 64 emulator binary image for the Nintendo GameCube released by EXPERIENCE. This emulator was created by Nintendo and was extracted from the Zelda discs published on the Nintendo GameCube. For this reason, the emulator can’t be hosted here. However, it’s the only reliable manner to play N64 games onto Nintendo GameCube.

N64 Emulator ROMS Injector

N64 Emulator ROMS Injector

To find the emulator, just use your favorite search engine with the following keywords:

  • exp-n64v2.gcm

Good luck, Jim.

Download N64 Emulator Roms Injector


This command-line tool was made for extracting multi-games (“multiboot”) disc created for Nintendo GameCube. Multiboots discs can be generated by utilities like GCMUtility, Viper Multi Boot ISO Creator and maybe others.

Download UnMultiBoot

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    Sorry to say but Donkey Kong Country is NOT better than its sequel, Diddy’s Kong Quest. Everything that was done well in the first game was done EVEN BETTER in the sequel. Also, Super Metroid is leagues ahead of some of the choices above it, such as DKC, Mario World, and ALTTP (my opinion on those last 2, it is definitely better than DKC). However I think DKC 2 is better than Super Metroid, but they are my favorite and second favorite games respectively.


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