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This section contains some tools for your PC computer, compressed in the .7z format and openable with the free 7-zip archiver. You don’t need to install anything for using them. All the tools are targeted for Microsoft Windows.


Find below several Windows fonts.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Utilities

In this sub-section you’ll find some utilities I made for the GTA: Vice City game for Windows. I loved this game very much, that’s why I decided to release again these very old tools.

GTA-VC Process Killer

This program allow you to easily exit GTA when it crashes, by hitting a hotkey. It’s particulary useful when you install a new Mod and the loading screen appears to be blocked, because the game is crashed after an improper modification.

GTA-VC Process Killer

GTA-VC Process Killer

Download GTA-VC Process Killer

Vice City Mod Manager

Vice City Mod Manager (VCMM) is a really nice tool made by LithJoe to facilitate the mod installation for GTA: Vice City. It uses .VCM packages containing the mod data plus the linked installation script. To create .VCM packages, you need to use the Vice City Mod Packager (VCMP) tool that you can download below as well.

I released a lot of tools around VCMM and VCMP, that’s why I’m spreading them here as well with my own tools.

Bike Script Generator

This program was designed to generate scripts for using with the Vice City Mod Packager (VCMP) tool released by LithJoe, in order to create bikes mods. Indeed, creating a car with VCMP is a built-in feature; but not bikes. With this program you will be able to create .VCM packages including motor bikes. Please note that you must have the VCMP program as well, because this little tool generates ONLY the script.

VCM Bike Script Generator

VCM Bike Script Generator

Download VCM Bike Script Generator

Screenshot Maker

VCM Screenshot Maker

VCM Screenshot Maker

This program make a screenshot and a thumb file (171 x 128) for using with VCMP, by hitting a simple hotkey.

Download VCMP Screenshot Maker

Thumb Creator

VCM Thumb Creator

VCM Thumb Creator

This tool converts an image to a valid Vice City Mod Manager (VCMM) thumb.

Download VCMP Thumb Creator

HP Recovery Tools

This section contains some tools I made for restoring HP laptops from scratch, without recovery partition, focusing on the F11 key feature. The F11 key is a BIOS feature available in some HP laptops allowing you to start the recovery process when booting HP laptops. Re-enabling this key was really a pain, that why I made these packages. They were successfully used on a HP G62-a57SF running Windows 7.

And of course, all these things are provided without warranty. Use these packages at your own risks.

Recovery Tools 4.0.1 Windows 7 MBR for HP

This is the main package designed to recreate the recovery partition on HP laptops with a working F11 BIOS key. This package is based on the great AnarethoS Recovery Tools package. All instructions are included in the package.

Download Recovery Tools 4.0.1 Windows 7 MBR for HP

HP F11 BIOS Hotkey Enabler (Utility only)

If you only want to re-enable the F11 BIOS key without recreating the whole recovery partition, maybe you should just download this package instead. Please note, if you have downloaded the Recovery Tools 4.0.1 Windows 7 MBR for HP package above, you don’t need to download this because this utility is already part of it. Download this only if you’re an expert and you know exactly what you’re doing.

Download HP F11 BIOS Hotkey Enabler


This sub-section contains some screensavers project I made in the past.

1995 by kewlers and mfx

This simple loader will convert the 1995 demo by kewlers and mfx to be usable as a “native” Windows screensaver. It supports somes options (resolution, screen format, sound and FSAA). Please follow instructions in the package to learn how to use it.

1995 Demo Screensaver Loader

1995 Demo Screensaver Loader

Download 1995 Demo Screensaver | Download Loader Only

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