Hello World !

By | 8 March 2014

Finally, finally, finally ! I’m finally back on the web 😀

But before anything else , let me (re)introduce myself: My name’s SiZiOUS, formerly known as my full pseudonym [big_fury]SiZiOUS (which I no longer use), or more shortly SiZ! (yes, shorting a nickname’s possible, and it isn’t ridiculous!).

It’s been a while since I’m here on the web, I opened my first website in 2003… so looong time ago…

Maybe you already know me, because I was active on a lot of various forums, mostly related to the world of video games, mainly retrogaming. However, my favorite machine is the last Sega console, the Sega Dreamcast. I published a lot of various tools for it. Even today the major objective of that website is to spread them, but not the only one.

Feel free to visit my About page to learn more about me, my work and my “story”…

I wish you a good visit !

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